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Selling at Kerry Auction Rooms?
At Kerry Auction Rooms we accept a wide variety of items for sale by auction including, china and glassware, paintings and prints, antique furniture, good second hand furniture, lamps and lighting, silver and plated items, jewellery, coins and banknotes, collectable cards, old signs, emphemera of both local and national interest, Irish 1916 Easter Rising and 1921 War of Independence medals, badges and memorabilia, militaria including black powder pistols and muskets as well as obsolete ammo and de-commissioned 19th and 20th century weapons and swords. If in any doubt as to whether or not your items are suitable for auction please contact us on 087 2908328

How do I include my items in auction?
If you have individual items to submit to auction, you can bring them along to our auction rooms, just phone to make an appointment and you will be given a time to meet one of our experts to assess your items. Reasonable reserves are applied to each item submitted, this is a minimum price agreed by both the vendor and the auctioneer that your item can be sold for. Flintlock Pistols - Kerry Auction Rooms
If you have a lot of items to submit, for instance a house clearance, then one of our experts would be glad to call and do an onsite assessment, this will include an approximate auction valuation and any other relevant advice. Kerry Auction Rooms can arrange for private movers to collect your item for you at a pre-arranged cost between the vendor and the movers.

What will it cost to sell at auction?
The costs relating to selling at Kerry Auction Rooms are as follows:
Each separate lot in the auction incurs a lotting fee of €2 + VAT at 23% (€2.46) and this is payable for auction the item is entered into. The sale commission is charged at a rate of 17.5% + the VAT of the hammer price achieved in the auction. All the charges are deducted at the point of payment which is approximately 30 days after the sale (this date is decided upon when the auction date is set and is clearly shown on the vendors contract). All payments will be made by cheque on the agreed date and posted to the address shown on the vendors contract.

Sales Example:
Hammer price €100
Less sales commission @ 17.5% €17.50
Vat on commission only €4.03
  €78.47 less lotting fee of €2.46 - cheque payable €76.01

Black and Tan Medal - Kerry Auction Rooms
If my items do not sell can I re-enter them for the next auction?
Kerry Auction Rooms will include your unsold lots in the next auction, but it is expected the any pre-set reserves be re-arranged downwards. The same rate of commission and lotting fees will apply. Vendors are expected to remove their unsold lots after the second auction or consent to items being grouped together for clearance without reserve.

Why should I sell my items by auction?
Kerry Auction Rooms policy is to photograph each and every lot in our auctions regardless of its value and display the resulting catalogue on it's website, this provides the seller with an extremely large world market and items frequently realise prices far in excess of reserves and estimates.